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Founded in 2011 by Paul Raszewski Sr. and Jr., the Toronto Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA) is a local not-for-profit organization with utmost commitment to electric transportation advocacy, adoption, education, research, design, and innovation. TEVA was created to facilitate the advancement of electric vehicles (EVs). We strive to inform Canadians, and the world, on how beneficial electric mobility is and how it can be utilized to improve the environment.

Our Mission

Catalyze the development of all electric transport solutions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) through numerous means including, but not limited to; expository discourse, research development, as well as academic guidance and programs.

Our Vision

Through all our means of facilitation, make the Greater Toronto Area #1 in the nation for electric vehicle adoption while also collaborating with all other related organizations to help make Canada the world leader in electric mobility advancement.

Our Purposes

Protection of the Environment

Our primary objective is to protect the environment. We make significant efforts to reduce air and noise pollution by creating and publishing detailed non-partisan documents, research, infographics, articles, and videos. Through these means of content delivery, TEVA continuously demonstrates how much great potential EVs have as well as their close connection to reducing harmful emissions.

Advancement of Education

TEVA educates the general public on everything about electric mobility, its charging infrastructure, ownership (all forms), real estate solutions, proper usage, and how to formally make use of all the available incentives in Ontario. Our academic services include training programs, lectures, and workshops. In order to reach as many people as possible, our curriculums adapt accordingly to their targeted age group. We also frequently engage with commercial and government firms with specifically tailored tutorials.

Providing Public Amenities

We make an effort to provide as much as we possibly can for the public. For example, we facilitate charger installations in as many multi-unit residential buildings as possible; including apartments and condominiums. Our services are provided to local governments to discourage traditional petrol-based vehicles and help create more EV incentives such as: congestion fees, emission-free zones, more free EV parking, and carbon emission taxes. We are also looking to ease surrounding regions to switch to EV fleets like: waste collection, postal service, and school buses.

Promoting Industry and Commerce

We do our best to help people make the transition from petrol-powered to electric-powered vehicles. While we do conduct original research and publish the reports, that is not enough unfortunately. Which is why we consistently increase our efforts to raise awareness of EVs, its charging infrastructure, and the significant benefits that this form of transportation has on the public and environment. Additionally, we host dialogues online and in-person, periodically update and brief Ontarian policy makers, organize bi-monthly public EV meetings, engage in our online community message board, and create live forums with local governments. Our hope is that such events will build stronger relationships between the government, academic institutions, energy providers, EV manufacturers, and the general public.

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